An Exclusive Opportunity for the Vincent Community

Invest in the Company behind the First VC Fund for Everyone

Members of the Vincent community,

We are pleased to share an opportunity to invest directly into one of our platform partners, Sweater, Inc. Sweater is on a mission to democratize access to Venture Capital for all investors, regardless of income level. It’s a mission we at Vincent value highly, and we fully appreciate the innovations Sweater has pioneered with their flagship Cashmere Fund.

Sweater built a revolutionary product - an SEC Registered VC fund - that has made venture investing open to all investors, regardless of accreditation status. Since launching around a year ago, their mobile app has over 100,000 downloads and more than 5,500 people have become investors in the fund. Their next phase of growth is opening their innovative technology platform so qualified partners can launch their own VC funds, further democratizing the venture fund ecosystem.

To support their vision of bringing VC to everyone, Sweater has already raised $15M from several well-known VC firms. Now, Sweater has launched a community fundraising round to allow members of their community to become shareholders in the company itself. Accredited investors can invest via an SPV, but in line with their company’s mission, Sweater is also allowing unaccredited investors to invest via a RegCF alongside high net worth investors and well-known VC firms.

Given that Sweater’s mission aligns closely with ours at Vincent, Sweater wanted to ensure members of the Vincent community had an opportunity to invest prior to the closing date of July 31st.

The team at Sweater has also made themselves available to those who want to learn more. They are hosting a special Webinar where they will share the full vision for the company as well as answer questions related to the fundraise.

This will be held at 5 PM ET on Thursday, July 27th. RSVP to obtain a copy of the pitch deck.

We invite you to consider the opportunity according to your own interests and risk assessment. As with any investment opportunity, it’s important to do your own due diligence. We do not provide investment advice and we will not be compensated should you decide to invest.